What is a High School racing training program?

Starting in November, CXC Academy adds the High School Racing Training Program. This training plan consists of 4 training periods and is designed for multi sport high school athletes and their coaches. It provides a sample of a season overview and weekly progressions toward High School State Championships, Junior National Qualifiers, Korteloppet, and Junior Nationals.

There are many careful considerations to make when you have an athlete choose skiing after another sport. One of those considerations is always the volume of training they are ready for, another is how much to focus on speed and endurance. We always want to be careful not to burn a skier out before the big races of the season. We’ve taken a critical look at these questions, and many more, to bring you a training plan for high school athletes. A plan that balances speed, agility, endurance, and strength. It is also a plan that gives you some great suggestions on how to balance a heavy race schedule with the most important workouts at that time of the year.

We decided to do this as a service to you, the coach, and for the athletes you work with. There is no cookie-cutter solution to training, but there are basic principles that should flow through the season. This is for any coach looking for a little guidance, or any athlete who finds themselves writing their own training plan.

The format is simple, and easy to follow. We have put together a spreadsheet style form for you to use all week, and have broken each period of training into four week cycles. The periods of training build from one to the next in volume and intensity. The periods are aligned to reduce the load during race times.

Use this as your guide, add your own flavor to it, or use it yourself as a starting point for your own race season. We know that the only way to have great athletes is to have several of them working together and racing against each other. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to send us questions and suggestions!

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