What is an American Birkebeiner training program?

Starting in November, CXC Academy adds the American Birkebeiner Training Program. This training plan will build from the fall, and conclude after the Birkie. The plan consists of 4 training periods and is designed for multi-sport master skiers interested in participating in the American Birkebeiner and other marathon races. Simple workout structure will provide anyone with the basic framework to maximize training time.

Once a regular member, you will have access to all three levels of training plans including the Birkie-specific addition. We kept the Birkie plan a little less complex than the other plans we put together every month. With that said, if you're a current CXC Academy member and have been following one of our regular plans, we would recommend to continue to do so and then make use of the taper plan (a general taper plan will be included in every training plan PDF in December).

The plan itself is built for anyone who puts a focus on marathon skiing. If you know you will be competing in several shorter races this winter, it will be better to stick with one of our other training plans. If you know that you’re taking aim at moving up a few waves in the 2014 Birkie, this is the plan for you!


The American Birkebeiner is an iconic event in U.S. Cross Country Skiing. There are many people who compete in only one race a year, and it’s the Birkie. There are others who come in more prepared, and have a few races under their belt before they get to the starting line in Cable every year. We’ve come up with a training plan to meet the needs of anyone who puts a premium on Birkie Fever.

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